We I was young Barbara Streisand was my idol,(still is to some extent). I sang all her songs and learned her arrangements note for note. One evening  I went out to perform say at a piano bar. I  asked the player to play" More than You know" He did but what he played was totally different musically than what I sang. I went down in a blaze of humiliation. I tell this story because the other day a student came into the studio to sing a standard r&b song. I had the sheet music in front of me for a straight version of the song. He performed a Luther Vandross version. Well no terrible embarrassment but a lot of frustration as he expected me to know what he wanted and I expected him to at least loosely follow the music .He did not know how to communicate with me what he wanted. The lesson here is do your homework! Find out if there are different arrangements of your song out there. If you have sheet music know what the sheet music says. The pianist cannot just follow you on a complex arrangement.. Perhaps if I had told my piano man that I wanted to do Streisand's version he could have followed me. If my student had told me his version choice I would have listened first. Utube is such a great resource.
 I suggest trying to find the root version(original )of the song then make it yours. Learning an artist arrangement is a great tool. But eventually we want to show our own individual style right?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu2JBMNBbKo    vs         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olvaDzUi8c8